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"Like Nic, I also separate things, but I am not organized like he is. I just separate things any old way. That's why Nic calls me 'Scruffy' Scrap. My sock drawer looks a lot different than his. I had 14 socks last week. Now I have 11."

A. Mime Scrap losing socks.

B. Using counters as socks …

(a) Compare 14 socks to 11 socks to find out how many of Scrap's socks are missing.

(b) Draw a picture of what you did with the counters.

(c) Write a number sentence for the missing socks.

C. How many socks would Scrap have lost if he had had

(a) 16 socks and ended up with 9?

(b) 24 socks and ended up with 21?

(c) 30 socks and ended up with 19?

D. Are Scrap's socks being "just" separated or separated "neatly" (into 2s, 3s, 4s, …) when they get lost?

E. What are some things that get lost or "just" separated from you?

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