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"Nic is neat. I call him 'Neat' Nic. He separates everything into orderly groups—groups the same size. He even sorts his socks!"

A. Mime Nic taking pairs of socks from a sock pile.

B. Using counters as socks …

(a) Show what Nic would do with 8 socks.

(b) Draw a picture of what you did with the counters.

(c) How many pairs of socks does Nic have?

(d) Write a number sentence for the pairs of socks.

C. What would Nic do with …

(a) 12 socks?

(b) 38 socks?

(c) 50 socks?

D. Is Nic "just" separating or separating "neatly" (into 2s, 3s, 4s, …) when he sorts his socks?

E. What are some other things Nic could separate "neatly"?

F. Do you separate anything "neatly" that makes you like Nic? Is so, what?

Story about separating into any amounts and equal amounts