Frame around article about federal funding for MOVE IT Math

to compete effectively. Now U.S. students can’t.

Today, 50 percent of the Japanese children compare vavorably with our top 5 percent.

Shoecraft believes the Multi-Modality Math concept is the answer to the U.S. problem.

Shoecraft believes there is too much repetition in the education system today and that U.S. students are not being given the opportunity to learn more math. He said 70 percent of the Grade 2 textbooks are devoted to what was already covered in Grade 1.

Port O’Connor students were tested last year with a Woodcock Johnson Norm Test to discover the impact of the Multi-Modality Math program. In first grade the average grade was 3.3 (B) and the lowest score 2.1 (C). In kindergarten the average grade was 3.0 and the lowest grade 2.2. (Italics added.)

Sixth grade students were tested through the California Achievement Test and the average sixth grade student was on 8.4 grade level in math knowledge. The highest level was 11.4. (Italics added.)

After the demonstration, the school board awarded certificates to the students, their teachers, and principal Bratcher.

Teachers are Linda Fielder, Paula McCauley, Susan Schmaltz and Judy Anderson.

First grade students were Michael Carey, Kim Watley, Zac Giessel, Eric Melsom, Tim Gonzales, Cole Munsch, Deanna Williams and Kevin Lewis.

Second grade students were Cherice Apostalo, Kim Klamm, Kacie Skalak, Karie Skalak, Kristen Weathersby, Jessica Young, Rene Trevino, Charles Harper, Lauren Tigrett and Devon Vasquez.

Sixth graders were Evan Dierlam, Carl Collins, April Bourg, Bryan Logue, Jake Lucey, April Brown, Carly Trousdale, Brandy Ogg, James Roark, Carisa Shaw, Jamie Harper, Curtis Gosnell, Gary Klamm, Darin Vasquez and Amanda Bullock.

Some Port O’Connor Elementary School students demonstrated Tuesday night the Multi-Modality Math program piloted by the school last year before members of the Calhoun County Independent School District board of trustees.

The same program on Oct. 25 will be inspected by the National Science Foundation and the program may be set up as a national training program to educate other teachers.

The first and second graders assisted by their sixth grade buddies demonstrated how very young students are capable of learning algebra. Plus, the students obviously loved learning the math that usually is withheld from students until high school.

The students demonstrated the balance beam: The learner solves [for] an unknown number in an algebraic equation using a math balance beam.

The students occupied the floor space of the school board chambers and demonstrated geoboards, a system whereby the learner finds the area of polygons in square units using methods called box it and rec[tangle] it on the geoboards.

Using real money, the youngsters showed members of the audience, who joined them on the floor, how to bank it. The youngsters added pennies, nickels and quarters in Base 5.

Apparently, the Port O’Connor students think Monster Math is fun math. The first and second graders actually added seven 8-digit numbers using the Hutching’s Algorithm and checked their answers in the millions with calculators.

Finally, the students Robbed The Bank. They drew cards and made numbers on the card with Base-10 blocks. A second card was drawn and that number was subtracted from the first, again with Base-10 blocks.

Paul Shoecraft, Ph.D., of the University of Houston – Victoria, introduced the program to Port O’Connor at the invitation of Principal Marilyn Bratcher. Shoecraft told the CCISD board members that in 1986 United States eighth graders compared last in math to students around the world. “This is truly a nation at risk,” he stated. “Children today will live in an international marketplace and must be able xxxxxxx

POC Demonstrates Multi-Modality Math Program

Charlyn Finn, Staff Reporter

The Wave, Port Lavaca, Texas, September 27, 1989

Dr. Paul Shoecraft explains MOVE IT Math to principal from Guadalajara.

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