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Math Games & Activities, Vol. 1

ASMD Cards* (pp. 251-254)

More than 125 whole number arithmetic problems for elementary school students. ALL solved. The key for the problems is on page 255.

ASMD is an acronym for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The ASMD cards are problem cards, four problems to a card—one on addition, one on subtraction, one on multiplication, and one on division—and are used with Doll, Doll House, World Series, and Super Bowl to diagnose weaknesses in whole number arithmetic by subskill, each of which is addressed four times on the cards. To this end, the ASMD Scorecard (p. 256), together with Table 1 (09), provides a profile of the subskills a student knows and doesn’t know. By focusing remediation on what the student doesn’t know, instruction is streamlined for efficiency and effective remediation.

*The ASMD cards reflect the diagnostic/prescriptive program used at that in just 2 weeks typically resulted in about 1 year of arithmetic growth as measured by standardized exams.

ASMD Scorecard (p. 256)

A record keeping instrument for the problems on the ASMD cards.

The purpose of the ASMD scorecard is to assist with the diagnosis of weaknesses in whole number arithmetic as explained under ASMD Cards. To this end, have children use the same scorecard every time they play Doll, Doll House, World Series, or Super Bowl and have them work each problem on the ASMD cards once only. The objective is to have them fill in the parts of the scorecard that pertain to the subskills of whole number arithmetic that they should know already or are learning. A strategy for accomplishing this is to have them play the games for two or three class periods that they might fill in most of what they are to fill in and then to have them work from only the ASMD cards for an additional class period that they might fill in the rest of what they are to fill in.

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