What Is Think Links™ Whole Numbers?

Think Links™ Whole Numbers is a captivating way to motivate elementary school students to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Children read “Who has?” questions that are “linked” to “I have” answers that are linked to more “Who has?” questions and so on back to the first question read. In the words of one eight year old, it is “a math game of paying attention.”

How Is Think Links™ Used?

A set of Think Links™ consists of 27 cards that are linked together: Card 1 to Card 2, Card 2 to Card 3, Card 3 to Card 4 and so on to Card 27 which is linked back to Card 1, all connected with “I have,” “Who has?” statements as shown below.


In using a set of Think Links™, all 27 cards are passed out to any number of students up to 27. A player to start is then picked to read the question at the bottom of any one of his or her cards after which the card is set aside. The other students then check their cards to see who has the response to what was read. The person with the response reads it and the question that follows, and the students again check their cards to see who has the response, and so on. The process continues until all the cards have been read back to the beginning card.

In looking at an intact set of Think Links™, the connection between the cards comprising the set is readily seen. However, once the cards have been cut apart, shuffled and passed out, it is hidden. Thus it seems magical when no matter which card is read first, all the cards are read back to the first card read. With this basic understanding of Think Links™, creative variations and refinements for it are numerous.

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