MOVE IT Math nominated for "Promising Practices" U.S.D.O.E.
MOVE IT Math nominated for "Promising Practices" U.S.D.O.E.

NCTM [National Council of Teachers of Mathematics] standards met:

Pose tasks based on sound and significant mathematics.

Build on students’ prior experience and knowledge.

Develop mathematics thinking skills that convince students of the validity of particular representations, solutions, conjectures, and answers.

Engage students’ intellect; pose questions and tasks that elicit and challenge each student’s thinking.

Develop students’ mathematical knowledge and skills.

Stimulate students to make connections and develop a framework for mathematical ideas.

Stimulate students to make connections and develop a framework for mathematical ideas.

Call for problem formulation, problem solving, and mathematical reasoning.

Promote the development of all students’ dispositions to do mathematics.

Develop an instructional model based on the range of ways students learn mathematics.



1. Manipulatives, in particular a mathematics balance, multibase arithmetic blocks and/or counters (for trading activities), and fraction circles (to support Level 1 inservice).

2. Library of teacher resource materials covering the seven strands from the NCTM Mathematic Standards (to support Level 2 and 3 inservices), estimated cost of $5000, which the district has the option to purchase.

3. Access to a computer in order to access the database for selecting lessons from the library and to personalize the curriculum to address local student needs.

Equipment Needed:

• Manipulatives

• Computer Equipment

• Special Hands-On Equipment (exchange blocks, fraction cakes)

Support Needed:

• Orientation

• Staff Development

• Training Packet

• Workshop/Inservice

• Consultants/Trainers

• Teacher Collaboration/Support Groups

• Administrative Support

Note: Participants begin with an overview on the need for mathematics reform in the early grades. Workshops are conducted by two trainers [] who must have used MOVE IT Math in their classrooms for a minimum of one year. Workshops are limited to 35 participants and are supported with a 350-page instructional packet [downloadable ebooks] for teachers and an implementation guide for administrators. Teachers receive scope and sequence support materials and the district sponsoring the inservice receives a curriculum database keyed to the essential elements. Teacher resource books and supporting videos are being produced for Level 1 MOVE IT Math.


FUNDED BY: Eisenhower Mathematics and Science Education Program. Typically, funds provide manipulatives and resource materials used to implement the program with a school or school district paying tuition for three hours of university graduate credit and the University of Houston-Victoria paying for instruction.

CONTACT: Dr. Paul Shoecraft, Director MEI [MOVE IT Math, 1315 Arid, San Marcos, TX 78666]

Promising Practices in Mathematics & Science Education, Office of Educational Research and Improvement, U.S. Department of Education, 1994-95, pages 14-15.

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